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Universal Serial Bus Cables 2.0 A B Mini 5 Pin

Universal Serial Bus Cables 2.0 A B Mini 5 Pin Need fast connections with more reach? TriangleCables.com has the high performance cables to give your USB powered device the boost it needs. Whether upgrading from a 1.0 cable or just getting an extension of a few feet, you can find the length of Type A male to USB mini-B 5 pin cables you need here.

Can you believe that the universal serial bus (USB) was first invented as way to collect all of a computer’s I/O ports in one hub and provide adequate bandwidth for telephony application programming interfaces? Telephony! It’s a real thing! Today USB 2.0 cable are used for everything from downloading photos to your computer to charging a cell phone. The professional grade cables at TriangleCables.com will allow you to easily transfer files and power various types of devices through one universal port. The intent of the USB cable has been realized, in a manner of speaking, by making so many connections possible through just the one USB 2.0 cable.

What sort of cables do your electronics come with? Most often, the cables provided by the company are short and low grade. When you go to transfer the files from your camera to the computer you want a speedy and convenient connection. Don’t hunker down for short cable connections. Get a USB mini-B 5 pin extension from TriangleCables.com so you can comfortably hook up your camera to your computer from your office chair. Get the mini B 5 pin extension you want for the size you want.

Our cables will connect most male USB to male USB ports on common devices to your computer. The male USB to male USB cables from TriangleCables.com are exactly what you need to connect many devices like digital cameras, PDA’s and card readers. All require a digital connection of the male USB port type B and these cables all come with a typical 5/16” x 1/8” connector dim.

All of our USB mini-B 5 pin cables use 2.0 certified wire, as they’re all top of the line professional cables. Each of the five contacts run along one row of the USB port, with the bottom four of the five connected to USB 2.0 specifications for high speed connections.

Get the right connection with the USB port type B cables here at TriangleCables.com for your MP3 player, card reader or older mobile phone.