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1080p HDMI Cable: The Missing Link to Your Home Theater

Setting up your own home theater can appear to be quite a challenge, however, with the right tools and the right knowledge, you can be well on your way to enjoying your favorite movies, music, and TV shows in vibrant, high quality color complimented by crystal clear sound. To help you set up your home theater, make sure not to leave out one of the most commonly forgotten components: a 1080p HDMI Cable.

How is a 1080p HDMI Cable Different From a Regular HDMI Cable? Well, to start out with, it helps to know the shorthand behind this cable. 1080p is simply a name for a category of HDTV picture. The numbers (1080), signify 1,080 lines of vertical resolution. The “p” stands for “progressive scan”, which means that the image is not interlaced. In more common terms, this type of picture is known as “full high definition”. 1080p resolution is the highest standard of HD, and in some cases, is referred to as ultra-HD because it closely relates to the resolution of 2K digital cinema technology.

A 1080p HDMI Cable is theoretically better than any other HDMI cable because of its ability to transmit a smoother, cleaner image to your HDTV, especially with sports and other motion-intensive content.

Why Do I Need a 1080p HDMI Cable? If you want your viewing experience to be crystal clear and of the highest quality, you have to upgrade to a 1080p HDMI Cable for your home theater – but before you do, make sure that your devices are compatible with this type of HDMI cable. Some might be, others might not.

Also, using a 1080p HDMI cable is a smart choice because it, in a way, future-proofs your home theater set-up so that you won't have to worry about constantly upgrading in order to get the best picture.

Where Can I Find a 1080p HDMI Cable? TriangleCables.com offers a great selection of 1080p HDMI cables in a variety of lengths so that you can find the perfect fit for your home theater at a price that can fit your budget. Shop our selection today and start seeing your home theater experience the way you're supposed to.