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5 Reasons a Ferrite Bead is Your Friend

No, it’s not a ferret bead – that would be furry and not at all conducive to better signals - it’s a ferrite bead in cables. Many people overlook those bumpy rubber pieces at the end of the cables – never noticing if there’s one there or not. What’s remarkable is that these small, hollow beads are actually filtering out radio waves and making your cables perform even better.

What is a ferrite bead?

While typically adding a bit of weight, a ferrite bead is a very simple hollow cylinder or circle that wraps around the cable at the end points. Many times these beads are split in half to reach around a cable with a larger end. The entire bead is then encased in protective plastic.

Why do you need a ferrite bead?

While your basic USB extension cable is already shielded against external signals – it isn’t always sufficient to do the trick. Not only do computer cables have to deal with the signals broadcast from every device surrounding a computer set up, there are also all of the additional signals drawn through the cable to the computer, and vice versa. A ferrite bead acts as a buffer from all of those signals flooding the cable at the most necessary points – the ends. In a VGA cable, the ferrite bead will reduce the amount of noise traveling through one end to the other.

What’s the ferrite bead doing?

Once those signals reach the end of the cable they’re cut off at the ferrite bead where the semi-magnetic bead turns those signals into heat, thus cutting off any of the additional signals right before the actual connection. The cable themselves are pulling through additional signals that can cause problems with the external devices as well. The ferrite bead acts as a two way street, cutting off the interference and protecting the signal on both ends.

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