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5 Reasons to Choose a Patch Enhanced Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cables are a staple in nearly every household, workplace or office space. You need to create Ethernet connections for not just computers, but also televisions, external monitors, gaming systems, etc. If it can have an internet connection, it typically needs a cable. So how do you choose the correct cable? Get a patch enhanced Ethernet cable for the best possible connections.

Why choose our patch enhanced Ethernet cables from TriangleCables.com over a generic cable? Here’s five reasons why:

You Won’t Need to Patch These Cables

Our Ethernet cables are high quality covered in a durable, tested plastic. Along with a lifetime guarantee, you can be assured that these cables will last through room moves, sharp corners, and other general wear and tear situations.

You Get Better Speeds

There are plenty of cheap, lesser quality Ethernet cables on the market, but with them your internet won’t be working at full potential. Our Cat 5 patch enhanced Ethernet cable will operate with data rates of up to 350MHZ, giving you the fastest connections.

You Keep it for the Long Run

Bends, kinks, and twists can cause constant strain on your Ethernet cable through daily use. Not only are our Ethernet cables built to last, they have been tested by factory standards for total quality assurance.

One Cable Per Device

Don't resort to buying new cables every year because of wear and tear. With the quality Ethernet cables from TriangleCables.com you'll be looking ahead to not having to purchase more Ethernet cables for the same device – unless you choose to buy more length or more Ethernet ready devices that is.

Many Lengths to Choose from

One of the greatest strengths of a cable is in the reach. Too much cable and there’s twisting, tripping and total annoyance. Too little cable means you’re forced to rearrange all of your devices closer. The right length is able to be hidden discreetly and reaches just far enough so nothing has to be moved. Choose from a variety of Ethernet cable lengths whether half foot, 8, 25, 60, or 300 foot.

Find the Ethernet cable to last you a lifetime. Your got five great reasons to choose one of our high quality patch enhanced Ethernet cables. Shop the selection of Cat 5E, Cat 6, and shielded Ethernet cable available here at TriangleCables.com.