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What canít you Connect with the 8 Port HDMI Switch?

What is the goal of every home, office, and entertainment system? When you look at your phones, computers, and even book reading devices, it’s obvious how much we value the ability to connect between devices and place. That’s why there are devices like the 8 Port HDMI switch to help you connect even more products to each other. It makes you wonder, with 8 ports, what can't an HDMI switcher connect?

The Microwave

We’re sorry but HDMI access from your TV to your microwave for automatic popcorn popping is not yet a reality. You can use the 8 Port HDMI switch to connect your DVD player so you don’t have to move a single wire to go from the satellite signal to the DVD player for your movie night! Trip to the microwave is still required.

Time Machines

While we’re sure by the time a time machine is invented they will be HDMI compatible, right now we can’t use an 8 Port HDMI switch to travel forward or backward in time. What we can do with the switcher is connect to your satellite or cable box, allow you to record shows that will air in the future. Then travel back in time by watching the shows you recorded 8 months ago.

The Internet

While you can’t directly roam the web through your HDMI switcher, there is no need to go searching on the Internet to find a way to search the web on your large monitor or television. By connecting your laptop or computer to your switcher you can have access to the internet in a jiffy. This means checking your Facebook account on the big screen or browsing photographs is as easy as the click of a few buttons.

The Gym

A switcher can get you onto an Olympic event field, to the U.S. open, or even to the local gym for a bout of kick boxing. However the 8 Port HDMI switch can connect to a wide range of gaming devices. Play your favorite virtual soccer game, practice your swing, or knock out your opponent in the ring.

So what good is an 8 Port HDMI switch if it can’t connect to your microwave, time machine, or get you from your couch to the gym? All of those other devices listed, the DVD player, BluRay player, TIVO, gaming systems, computers and laptops can be connected to your switcher at once. That means switching easily between devices while connected to the TV without any additional wiring. What would you use the 8 connections on your 8 Port HDMI switch for?