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A 90 Degree BNC Connector Can Help You Out of a Tight Spot

A 90 Degree BNC Connector Can Help You Out of a Tight Spot

In a perfect world there would never be difficult wiring to deal with. Everything would connect together easily and signals would never degrade or cut out. Unfortunately this is the real world and more often than not wiring is a pain in the neck, or at least the knuckles. If you are running cables with BNC connectors in a tight spot a 90 degree BNC connector can be a helpful accessory to save time and better manage your space.

When using a 90 degree BNC connector on a cable end you can effectively rotate the cable in any direction from the source or receiver. Unlike a standard BNC cable end that projects straight out and requires the cable to bend to turn in any direction, a 90 degree connector achieves the same results in less space without putting undue stress on the cable itself. This means less clearance is needed behind a device to achieve clean cable routing.

The best part of our 90 degree BNC connectors is that they will not reduce signal transfer. Each 90 degree connector is designed to function like a standard straight connector without any signal loss or interference. Whether you're connecting audio equipment, video equipment, test instruments, or antennas, you can be assured your signal is safe with a 90 BNC degree connector.

While not every plug is an ideal location for a 90 degree BNC connector, they can be very effective at helping you manage your cable routing and keeping your equipment clean and organized. This world may not be perfect, but that's no reason your equipment shouldn't be. Trust TriangleCables.com for your BNC cable needs and keep your electronics performing their best.

In addition to 90 degree BNC connectors, TirangleCables.com offers a wide variety of other BNC connectors, adaptors, cables, and accessories. If you need to replace, repair or introduce a BNC cable into your system, we have everything you need to get connected. If you have any questions about our cables or connectors, our friendly customer service team would be happy to assist you. Give them a call today at 855-360-3395.