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16-Way HDMI Splitter 3D-Ready with IR Extension (1-in/16-out)
16-Way HDMI Splitter 3D-Ready with IR Extension (1-in/16-out) Thumbnail 1 16-Way HDMI Splitter 3D-Ready with IR Extension (1-in/16-out) Thumbnail 2

16-Way HDMI Splitter 3D-Ready with IR Extension (1-in/16-out)

Share an HDMI device with eight displays.

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This 16-way HDMI splitter distributes the input of the HDMI signal into 16 outputs simultaneously. Share one device to multiple Monitors. This splitter supports runs up to 75 feet.

The IR Extension function allows you to extend remote control IR signal through HDMI cable. Say you have a TV and cable box in the living room and second TV in the bed room upstairs. You can change cable channel either in the living room or on the bed upstairs with the cable box remote control. You do not have to go downstairs each time you want to change cable channel. IR adapters sold separately.


  • 1-in / 16-out HDMI splitter
  • HDMI 3D supported
  • Full 1080p supported
  • Data transfer speed: 6.75Gbps
  • HDCP v1.2 compliant
  • IR extension supported (Need 6006760068, and 60069)
  • Power: DC5V (power supply included)
  • Max HDMI cable length : Input: 60Ft / Output: 75Ft

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Q: Does this product support 3D?

A: Yes, this product is capable of transmitting a 3D signal.

Q: What’s the difference between a switch and a splitter?

A: A switch allows you to connect multiple video sources to 1 display. A splitter allows you to take the video from one source and then display it on multiple displays depending on how many outputs the splitter has.

Q: What does IR extension mean?

A: IR extension means that this device can transmit a remote controls IR signal through an HDMI cable with optional accessories (Need 6006760068, and 60069). Say you have source devices such as cable box and Blu-ray player in the living room, and TV in the bedroom upstairs. You can change TV channel or switch to Blu-ray player in bed without going downstairs to the living room.

Q: Will I lose picture quality if I use a splitter?

A: No, a splitter will maintain the picture quality.


  • 16 Way Hdmi Splitter
  • Users Manual

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