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2-Way Compact HDMI Splitter 3D Ready - Power Free (1-in/2-out)

2-Way Compact HDMI Splitter 3D Ready - Power Free (1-in/2-out)

Share an HDMI device with two displays.

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This 2-way Compact HDMI splitter distributes the input of the HDMI signal into two outputs simultaneously. Share one device to multiple monitors. No external power required.


  • 1-in / 2-out HDMI splitter
  • HDMI 3D supported
  • Full 1080p supported
  • No Power Required
  • Length: 8 inch
  • Optional Power Supply for Longer Runs
  • 20 Foot Max length (After 20 feet you may need an external power supply)

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Q: Does this product support 3D?

A: Yes, this product is capable of transmitting a 3D signal.

Q: What’s the difference between a switch and a splitter?

A: A switch allows you to connect multiple video sources to 1 display. A splitter allows you to take the video from one source and then display it on multiple displays depending on how many outputs the splitter has.

Q: What does IR extension mean?

A: IR extension means that this device can transmit a remote controls IR signal through an HDMI cable with optional accessories (Need 6006760068, and 60069). Say you have source devices such as cable box and Blu-ray player in the living room, and TV in the bedroom upstairs. You can change TV channel or switch to Blu-ray player in bed without going downstairs to the living room.

Q: Will I lose picture quality if I use a splitter?

A: No, a splitter will maintain the picture quality.


  • 2 Way Hdmi Switch

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