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ICC A/V Component Kit- Black
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ICC A/V Component Kit- Black

5 RCA Couplers and 1 Blank.

Item # IC107RR5BK
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ICC RCA NetKey/Keystone inserts are an easy way to customize wall plates or patch panels to fit your install while providing a finished look. The component A/V kit includes all of the RCA keystones needed for a complete component audio and video wall plate. Our RCA keystones include a color coded insert to quickly identify the appropriate cable. This jack is easy to install and will fit into any standard size keystone wall plate, surface mount box, or patch panel. Use this coupler for RCA audio/video applications.


  • Color: Black
  • Front RCA jack
  • Included Jacks
    • 2x Red
    • 1x Green
    • 1x Blue
    • 1x White
    • 1X Blank insert
  • Feed-through design
  • Fits into any Keystone opening
  • Used for audio and video applications
  • Ideal for Residential or Commercial Use
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Q: What does keystone mean?

A: Keystone refers to a standardized modular system where different jacks can be snapped into wall plates, surface-mount boxes, or a patch panel. Any keystone module (or jack) will fit in any keystone plate or panel.

Q: Which manufacturers' wall plates, patch panels and surface mount boxes will these jacks work with?

A: The dimensions of all keystone products are standardized, so these jacks should work with keystone products from any manufacturers. Some of the most popular brands are ICC, Panduit, and Leviton.

Q: What is an RCA connection typically used for?

A: RCA is used for audio and video signals.

Q: Are there different sizes of RCA connections?

A: No, RCA is a standard size that all manufacturers adhere to.

Q: I see RCA connectors described as plugs and jacks. What does this mean?

A: These terms are decided by the gender of the connector. A Plug is a male which has a protruding center pin. A jack will accept a male pin.

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