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BS Series Inner Riser Base for MRK Racks - 42 Inch Depth

BS Series Inner Riser Base for MRK Racks - 42 Inch Depth

Platform Fits Inside Rack to Support Heavy Equipment.

Item # BS-MRK-42
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Middle Atlantic's Inner Platform Base provides a handy platform flush for the manufacturer's MRK series gang-able enclosures with bottom rackspace for supporting heavy equipment and mounting electrical boxes.


  • This model fits Middle-Atlantic's the MRK gangable enclosure.
  • The Inner Platform fits inside the MRK and provides handy platform flush.
  • The platform supports heavy equipment and electrical boxes.
  • The product has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories for extra strength and safety.
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How do I know which base is right for my rack?
Different racks require different caster bases to ensure an exact fit. The correct base is determined by the series of the rack or cabinet as well as its depth.

What is the difference between commercial-grade and fine floor casters?
Most caster bases are offered in two styles: Commercial-grade and Fine Floor. Commercial grade casters are suitable for heavy-duty applications and can support more weight; Fine floor casters are constructed from synthetic rubber to protect fine and decorative flooring and can generally support less weight.

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