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C14 to Dual C13 Power Adapter

C14 to Dual C13 Power Adapter

10 Amps and 250 Volts

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With this C14 to Dual C13 Power Adapter, you can easily change the connector type of your power cable while allowing two difference devices to share one plug. This is a cost effective and space saving alternative to buying multiple cables. This power plug adapter features a C14 plug opposite dual C13 plugs and is commonly used between PDUs and computers.


  • Connector A: C14 plug
  • Connector B: Dual C13 plugs
  • Block style adapter
  • 10 amps
  • 250 volts
  • RoHS Compliant

Dont forget the cables!

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Q: Is a 10 amp cable sufficient for powering my devices?

A: The 10 amp version is the most cost efficient cable. It will handle most computer applications because PCs draw very low amperages.

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