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DB15 & HD26 Hood - Plastic
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DB15 & HD26 Hood - Plastic

Plastic Hood | Gray | Construct DB15 & HD26 Connectors

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This DB15 and HD26 Hood is used for constructing DB15 and HD26 connectors. This hood provides a durable and reliable protection for your connector.


  • For DB15 and HD26 Connectors
  • Plastic
  • Color: Gray
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What are D-Sub connectors?

D-Sub connectors are named after their D-shaped form. They come in a variety of pin numbers to fit your computer application needs.

Are D-Sub and Serial Connectors the same?

Yes they are the same thing.

What are the benefits of using a plastic, metalized plastic, or metal hood for my connector?

Plastic hoods are the most economical option when constructing D-Sub connectors. Metalized plastic hoods provides shielded against EMI/RFI interference while still being an economical option. Metal hoods provide durability as well as shielding against EMI/RFI interference.

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