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Deluxe S-Video Female Connector - Metal
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Deluxe S-Video Female Connector - Metal

Use in Video Applications

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An S-Video connector is a mini 4-pin DIN connector commonly used in video applications. The S-video connector is a standard definition video connector, but offers better signal clarity than standard RCA composite video. This S-Video Female connector features a metal housing with included cable strain relief.  Internally, conductors are attached by soldering the wires to gold-plated solder cups in the back of the connector. Choose the Metal S-Video Female connector for a cost-efficient, durable connection.


  • S-Video Female
  • Metal Housing
  • Strain Relief
  • Gold-Plated Conductors
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Q: What does S-Video stand for?

A: S-Video stands for separate video because it separates the luminance and chrominance video signals for a better picture. S-Video is also incorrectly referred to as “Super video”

Q: Can an S-Video cable transfer sound?

A: No, S-Video cables by definition are strictly video cables. The four pins carry two circuits of video signal. They do not carry audio.

Q: What is the difference between S-Video and Composite video?

A: S-video cable differs from composite in that it carries the brightness (luminance, or Y) and color (chrominance, or C) signals on separate lines within the same cable. S Video is better than a Composite Video connection. The real benefit of an S-video connection is that it can reduce dot crawl, hanging dots, and crawling edges that appear on the vertical and horizontal edges of some colored objects in the picture.

Q: Will a 4 pin S-Video cable work in my 7 pin S-Video port?

A: There is not a 100% answer to that question but mostly likely yes. The use of the extra three pins varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but commonly includes a composite video output which is available using the manufacturer's proprietary adapter. Alternatively an YPbPr signal may be provided. Later Dell laptops provide an SPDIF audio signal.

S-Video Pinout

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