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Dual IDE Drive Cable - 19 Inch
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Dual IDE Drive Cable - 19 Inch


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  • Connect two IDE Devices to your motherboard or host controller

Connector Spacing:

  • 19 Inch = 0-12-19 inch
  • 24 Inch = 0-16-24 inch
  • 36 Inch = 0-24-36 inch
Product Features
Easily connect your IDE device to your motherboard or host controller. Each cable features 40-pin socket-to-socket connections and meets or exceeds all industry specifications. IDE ribbon cables are designed for use with Ultra33 and other IDE/ATAPI hard drives, CD-ROMs, CD-R/CD-RWs, tape drives, zip drives, LS-120s and other IDE/ATAPI devices.
  • Connectors: 40-wire/40-pin IDC Female to Two 40-wire/40-pin IDC Females
  • Devices Supported: 2
  • Cable Type: IDE/EIDE
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Q: What is ribbon cable?

A: Ribbon cable is flat and wide and made up of a lot of wires running parallel to one another. It is used when you have a lot of connections to be made but do not want a big mess of wires.

Q: What are ribbon cables used for?

A: Ribbon cables are often found inside of electronics including computer hard drives, floppy drives, and CD players. Because of their thin and flat design, they are great for those places where there is not much room.

Q: How can I tell which direction is correct when connecting the ribbon cable to my device?

A: On flat ribbon cables, you will find that it has a red strip running along one edge. This is to indicate where pin 1 is located. Other ribbon cables have wires that are color coded to be easily matched up during installation. This is done so that you do not reverse the connection, which can damage your electronics.

Q: What is the difference between round and flat ribbon cables?

A: There is no difference other than the shape. Flat ribbon cables are often used inside devices while round ribbon cables are used on the outside because of their less cluttered look.

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