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Dual RG11 Coax Cable - PVC - 1000 FT

Dual RG11 Coax Cable - PVC - 1000 FT

Speed Up The Install By Running Dual Coax

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The dual RG11 PVC coaxial cable is typically used for cable or satellite service. RG11 has an imdedance of 75 ohms and is used for the longer runs or backboning premise wiring. This RG11 PVC cable features a solid 14 AWG copper clad steel center conductor with a 60% aluminum braid and 100% aluminum foil shield.


  • 1000 ft. spool
  • Dual RG11
  • PVC Jacket
  • Impedance - 75 ohm
  • Copper clad steel center conductor
  • Rated for indoor use
  • Commscope # 5902
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Q: When should an RG11 cable be used?

A: An RG11 cable should be used in longer runs. Typically, anything over 250ft.

Q: What is the maximum distance for RG11 cable?

A: RG11 cable should not exceed 500ft

Q: What does plenum rated mean?

A: Plenum (CMP) is a rating that is given to cables that have passed a stringent burn test and are able to be run through plenum air spaces. Plenum air spaces include drop ceilings and non-ducted HVAC air returns.

Q: What is a flooded cable?

A: Flooded RG11 direct burial cable uses a water blocking gel to protect the cable from water infiltration, even if the cable has a minor cut in the outer jacket. Flooded cable is typically used for direct burial outdoor applications.

Q: Can TriangleCables make a custom cable with Low Loss cable?

A: Yes, to get an instant quote please use our Custom Cable Calculator. If you would like to contact to a representative please email us at sales@TriangleCables.com or by phone at 1-888-519-9528.

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