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HDMI Female to M1 Male Adapter
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HDMI Female to M1 Male Adapter

Connect your M1 device to your standard HDMI devices.

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Our HDMI Female to M1 Male adaptor will connect the M1 port to an HDMI port. You can use this to connect your M1 device to any HDMI device, such as a DVD, Blu-Ray player, or game console with a separate HDMI cable. It is easy to use and install and it is covered with a strong plastic to ensure a long life. HDMI adapters are a great way to quickly change the connection type of an existing HDMI cable.


  • Connector 1: HDMI Female
  • Connector 2: M1 Male
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Plastic body
  • Black

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Q: What is HDMI?

A: High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a fully digital audio and video interface. HDMI brings the highest quality video to your home theater. Since HDMI supports both audio and video it simplifies wiring significantly.

Q: What is HDMI with Ethernet?

A: HDMI with Ethernet enables multiple devices that are Ethernet ready to share an internet connection.

Q: Is HDMI backwards compatible with previous versions?

A: Yes, HDMI is fully backwards compatible.

Q: What are the advantages of using HDMI over S-Video or component?

A: The quality of audio and video increases significantly. Images and sounds will be sharper and defined. These benefits are clearly seen are resolutions like 1080p.

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