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Vent Blocker Kits for DRK Racks
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Vent Blocker Kits for DRK Racks

Properly sized magnetic vent blockers prevent cooling “short circuits”

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Middle Atlantic Products' VBK-DRK Vent Blocker Kit for DRK Series Racks is an accessory used to close improperly positioned vents. When using active thermal management, vents placed too close to an exhaust fan do more harm than good. Misplaced vents can also re-circulate hot air instead of letting it escape. Cover up badly positioned vents with included magnetic blocker strips.

By helping air flow in one direction from lower intake vents through a top fan, vent blocker strips promote strategic thermal management. Your equipment will stay cooler and run more efficiently than in a badly


  • A well-cooled rack prolongs the life of your equipment and enables optimal performance. Use magnetic vent blocker strips to seal unwanted ports, ensuring efficient airflow from intake to fan.

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