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Panduit Mini-Com Termination Tool
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Panduit Mini-Com Termination Tool

For Giga-TX style jack modules.

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This Panduit Mini-Com termination tool provides quick and easy termination of Mini-Com jacks. With this tool there is no need for slip lock pliers to ensure the connectors are fully seated.


  • Terminates Mini-Com Modules.
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Q: What’s the difference between Impact and Non-impact punchdown tools?

A: Impact Punchdown tools are designed for any volume of terminations. They are spring loaded which provides a mechanical advantage when punching. Impact punchdown tools provide most of the force required. Another advantage of an impact punchdown tool is they will give a cleaner and more consistent punch because the tool controls the force applied to the wire.

Non-Impact Punchdown Tools are designed for low volume terminations. They are a great choice for home users who only plan on installing a few lines. Unlike impact punchdown tools the user must provide all of the force required to punch, seat, and cut the wires. This can become tiresome for large installations. Non-impact tools a generally less expensive than impact tools.

Q: What is the difference between 66 punchdown block and 110 punch down block?

A: A 66 punch down block is typically used in telephone operations for connecting wires to the hubs. The 110 punch down block will typically be used in computer networking applications.

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