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8 Outlet 20A Rackmount Power - Sequencing

8 Outlet 20A Rackmount Power - Sequencing

Provides real-time visibility and control over installed power systems

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The Middle Atlantic 20 Amp RackLink Web-Enabled Power Management System is a plug-and-play solution that provides you with remote monitoring and control of an eight-outlet series surge protector. You can control the unit via Internet IP, email alerts, and the RackLink mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android. The unit is 100% cloud compliant and utilizes an open architecture serial API for third-party integration.

With this device, you can monitor variables such as the operating temperature, input voltage, load current, surge status, and power factor. This information is automatically logged into local storage every 5 minutes and whenever the system encounters an alert. The system can store up to 2,000 data entries which may be downloaded as a CSV file. You can review the data log through a local browser, and set rules to automatically power cycle, ping, and reset network connectivity when the system experiences a fault.

Each outlet in the system can be remotely or manually switched on and off to manage the energy requirements of connected devices. Local control of power can be extended outside of the rack through the device's dry contact outputs. This allows you to control the operation of devices plugged into the RackLink by sending current through the dry contact output(s) and into the device(s). The surge protector is housed in a one-unit rack-mountable chassis.


  • Eight Controllable Power Outlets
  • Internet Monitoring and Control
  • Email Alerts of Power Anomalies
  • RackLink Mobile App for iOS and Android
  • Automatic Data Log of Power Variables
  • Automatic Fault Protection and Reset
  • Control Outlets with Manual Switches
  • Automatic Network Reset and Power Cycle
  • DDNS Service
  • Open Architecture and Cloud Compliant
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