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C14 to C13 Power Cord - 10 FT - Orange

C14 to C13 Power Cord - 10 FT - Orange

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The most commonly used power cord in data centers, this cable is used to connect PCs to power distribution units (PDUs).  It is essential to have the right length power cord in your data center.  It maximizes organization and efficiency while preventing interference.

Other popular applications include extending existing CPU power cords to make them longer and daisy chaining DMX light fixtures


  • Length - 10 ft.
  • Connector 1 - IEC C14 Inlet
  • Connector 2 -  IEC C13 Outlet
  • SJT Jacket
  • Certification: UL listed
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Q: What is the difference between a SVT jacket and a SJT jacket?

A: SVT jackets are thinner and more flexible and only come in 17 or 18 AWG sizes.  SJT cords have twice as much insulation making them less flexible.  They can be produced in gauges sizes from 10 to 18 AWG.

Q: I'm not sure which power cable I need.  Can you help?

A: The different power connectors can be confusing.  We have a chart on the resources tab to help you determine which connector you need.

Q: Is a 10 amp cable sufficient for powering my devices?

A: The 10 amp version is the most cost efficient cable. It will handle most computer applications because PCs draw very low amperages.


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