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2-231652-7 Crimp Tool for Long Style Connectors

2-231652-7 Crimp Tool for Long Style Connectors

Crimps, Strips, & Cuts Long Connectors

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This crimp tool for long style connecotrs a platform for consistent, repeatable terminations. This heavy duty tool is the perfect solution when working with extra long connectors that are difficult to terminate with a standard tool. This tool crimps, strips, and cuts your cables.


  • Hand Tool
  • For Modular Connectors
  • RJ12 6P6C
  • No Spare Parts
  • Crimps, Strips, & Cuts Cables
  • Made for Extra Long Connectors
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Q: What is the difference between an RJ11 and an RJ12 connector?

Both connectors are the same size and appear the same. However, looking at the contacts an RJ11 will only have 4 contacts. An RJ12 will have 6 contacts.

Q: What are the terms 4P4C, 6P4C and 6P6C referring to?

4P4C: 4 Position 4 Conductor (RJ22) - used for Telephone Handset cables.

6P4C: 6 Position 4 Conductor (RJ11) - used for ADSL, telephone, and modem cables.

6P6C: 6 Position 6 Conductor (RJ12) - used in System phones.

Q: How do I tell if a plug accepts flat or round cable?

Looking at the back of the plug where the cable would insert it will either have an oval shape or a rectangular shape. The rectangular shape accepts flat cable. The oval shape accepts round cable.

Q: What is an RJ45 connector used for?

An RJ45, also named 8P8C connector is most commonly used in network and telecommunication applications. It can also be used for other data type communications, such as serial.

Q: What is the difference between a solid and stranded connector?

A solid RJ45 connector has 3 teeth that pinch the solid wire to ensure good contact. A stranded RJ45 connector contains 2 teeth that bite the strands to hold the wire in place. Stranded is typically used when you are making your own patch cables.

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