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5 Pin DIN Male to 5 Pin DIN Male Coupler

5 Pin DIN Male to 5 Pin DIN Male Coupler

Change the Gender or Connector Type of a Cable.

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This 5 Pin DIN Male to 5 Pin DIN Male Coupler is used to connect two 5 Pin DIN connectors or cables together. It is perfect when you need to quickly change the gender or connector type on an already terminated cable.


  • Connector 1: 5 Pin DIN Male
  • Connector 2: 5 Pin DIN Male
  • Plastic
  • RoHS Compliant
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Q: What is the difference between a 5 pin din 180°, 240° and 360°?

A: There is a slight difference between the configuration of the pins. The 180° has a more circular layout. A 240° connector has more of a horseshoe layout. A 270° connector has a pin in the middle. See the image below.

Q: How are the pins labeled on a male DIN connector?

A: The pins are numbered 1-4-2-5-3 from right to left (with the pins upwards).

Q: What are 5 Pin DIN 180° Adapters commonly used for?

A: The 5 Pin DIN 180° adapters are used to change the connection type of your connector/cable. They are commonly used for SYNC and MIDI interfaces for electronic musical instruments and other audio applications. They are also used for computer keyboards such as the original IBM PC and the PC AT Style.

Pin Configuration Diagram

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