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Microphone Cable 22 AWG - 1 Pair - Per FT

Microphone Cable 22 AWG - 1 Pair - Per FT

2 Conductor. 22 AWG.

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Microphone cable is commonly used for microphones, speakers, instruments, and many other audio/video devices. This cable features a black ultra-flexible rubber jacket. Internally this cable is protected from EMI/RF interference by a low-loss copper shield. The two conductors are made from 22 AWG stranded bare copper. Choose this microphone cable if you need a high quality cable at a budget friendly price.


  • 2 Conductor
  • 22 AWG Bare Copper
  • 99.99% Pure Oxygen-Free Copper Wire
  • Low-loss copper shield
  • Black ultra-flexible rubber jacket
  • Professional Grade
  • Sold by the foot
  • Max Continuous Length: 1000 FT

Please note: All products that are bought per foot are non-returnable.

Any amount of cable you order above the maximum continuous length of 1000 FT will be sent in separate pieces.

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Q: What is Star Quad? Why use Star Quad?

A: Star Quad obtains its name from the 4-conductor style construction that minimizes the “loop area” between twists of the conductors. This “double balanced” pairing, reduces susceptibility to electromagnetically induced noise. The improvement in noise rejection is so noticeable that even SCR dimmer noise (stage lighting consoles) is reduced to less than 1/10 the level found in other 2-conductor microphone cables.

Star Quad is designed for use with microphones but is also excellent for all line-level signals (e.g. mixer to power amps). The 4-conductor Star Quad arrangement cancels electromagnetically induced noise from SCR dimmer packs, fluorescent lighting ballasts and AC power transformers. Handling noise is prevented by use of cotton filler material. Excellent frequency response is maintained due to special irradiated polyethylene insulation which provides a low capacitance dielectric.

The signal generated by a microphone during quiet periods can be very low in level, -70dB to -120dB (0.3 millivolts to 1 microvolt). The cable that must carry this signal to the mixer is very sensitive to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and electrostatic coupling of hum and noise. Mechanical vibration, bending, flexing (handling noise) and ambient temperature fluctuations can cause detrimental capacitance changes within the microphone cable. Canare Cables are carefully designed and manufactured to very close tolerances using the highest quality materials available so that low level microphone circuits will not be affected by these outside disturbances.

Q: What is Capacitance?

A: Capacitance is the ability to store an electric charge.

Q: Why should I use Low Capacitance Cables?

A: Lower cable capacitance allows more of the natural “brightness,” “presence,” or “bite” of an instrument to reach the amp, which in turn allows the treble controls to be run lower, reducing hiss and other unwanted noise. High-frequency loss from the cable gradually becomes audible and objectionable depending on the source, the amplification and other circumstances.

Q: What does AWG stand for?

A: AWG is the gauge size and denotes the thickness of the cable. The lower the gauge of the cable, the thicker the cable will be. AWG stands for "American Wire Gauge" and is a standardized wire gauge system used throughout the industry.

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