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ATI Xpert Video Cables ALL In Wonder Card

ATI Xpert Video Cables ALL In Wonder Card

Looking for cables provide you with a connection between audio and your wonder card? Here you’ll find your wonder card adapter and inputs. Our mini din connectors are just the thing for your wonder card connections. Establish superior signals with the 8 pin, 7 pin, and 4 pin cables. For your three head output, use our cable S-video cable adapters, such as our stereo 8 pin output cable. We also carry 4 headed video cable adapters, which feature a 4 pin mini din S-Video connector, RCA female composite video connector, and RCA female left and right audio connectors. These 4 headed wonder card cable adapters are suited for video capture from a VCR or camcorder to a wonder card using an AV in jack. Our 7 pin video cable adapters are ideal for ATI video cards that use a compatible video output port in a male to female connection.

Our ATI All In Wonder video cables provide you with a superior connection from wonder card to whatever your other device is, through both the audio and video channels. For your best video/audio connection, shop from top quality cables here at TriangleCables.com.