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Audio Cables Digital Coaxial Audio

Audio Cables Digital Coaxial Audio

When it comes to creating a high definition home theater, your set up wonít be complete without the superior video and audio resolution that comes from our crisp copper stranded digital coaxial audio cable. You need cables that can pass large amounts of signal? With the extended 1 GHZ bandwidth, youíll get just that! This coaxial audio cable connects your transmitter, whether itís a DVD player, TV, or other media playing device to an external speaker or receiver. Use it for any of your RCA connections between audio and video devices, such as CD players, subwoofers, gaming consoles, etc.

The video quality canít be matched with any of the precision OHM impendence that provides your coax cables with a clear and low interference signal. Itís easy to establish crystal clear sound to surround yourself with by connecting audio receivers to the source Ė for the result of beautiful album style music listening or a real at home theatre experience. Each coax cable is built to the highest specs whether for an at home set up, classroom, or even office multimedia presentations. Satisfy all your coax cable needs here at TriangleCable.com.