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Video Cables - RCA Composite Stereo

Video Cables - RCA Composite Stereo

Setting up an entertainment system? Whether working with the newest or oldest system, if you need RCA patch cables, check out the selection from TriangleCables.com. The quality of connection can’t be beat with our RCA patch cables gold ends and spiral shielded audio conductors. Improve the signal flow to your amplifiers, while achieving a better sound with the RCA video cables. Each cable end is clearly marked, audio right, audio left and video channels, for easy installation and set up.

Our RCA composite cables come with 75 Ohm component audio combo cables provide a quality solution to your video home theater set up. These high resolutions RCA composite cables are shielded with EMI-RFI and RG-59 95% copper braided conductors. Internally, the signal is strengthened with stranded copper center conductor and pure oxygen free copper wire. Need to connect your VCR, speakers, and other audio video devices. These RCA video cables range from 3 to one hundred feet in length, giving you room to expand and set up exactly how you’d like.

All TriangleCables.com cables come with a lifetime warranty – they’re built to last! Check out our RCA video cables selection today!