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Never Dissatisfy a Client: Always have BNC Couplers On Hand

You’re unpacking your audio and video cables for a high professional video shoot. You start to run the cables down the length of the auditorium and reach the stage… well not exactly. Your BNC cables can reach the stage, but they need to be ON the stage, not below it. You dig into your equipment boxes – but come up short on any longer cables. If only you had thought to bring additional BNC couplers on the shoot. When you drive miles away for a production, you don’t have the convenience that a studio or recording studio has in being able to simply walk across the hall to pick up your spare box of BNC couplers. All of your extra long cables and BNC couplers at back at the office. Make sure that no matter where you are, you’re always ready to meet the professional standards that your company represents.

Be ready for anything that a shoot will throw your way by packing the right stuff from the start. The postal code has said, neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor the winds of change, nor a nation challenged, will stay us from the swift completion of our appointed rounds.” The same goes for your production team. Be sure to have all the essentials:

For Weather Related Emergencies:

Rain jackets for cameras, umbrellas for talent, all packed in waterproof bags.

Check for grounded outlets, damp outlets, etc.

For Distance:

Pack BNC couplers, adapters, extenders to make sure you have the length you need.

Cue cards, walkie talkies, and extra batteries to communicate over long distances.

Imagine how much worse this situation would be if it were a wedding you were about to ruin with your lack of cable length. Triangle Cables preaches preparedness more than a boy scout. The only thing our passion for prepping comes second to is our insistence on great quality. After all, what production would be complete without the high quality of video and audio that you promise them. Make sure you always go out to a shoot or production with all of the necessities; cables, mics, batteries, cards, etc. as well as the extras; bnc couplers, chargers, tape, etc.