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BNC Series Type Connectors

BNC Series Type Connectors

You’ll get quality GHz and specs in all our BNC connectors, from our lightweight, twist on BNC cables, to our solder on, panel mount connectors. The individualized design of our 2 and 3 piece BNC plug crimp-on connectors makes them create better connections to solid copper or copper-clad steel cable connections, as well as compatibility with a variety of RG connectors. The BNC plug crimp on 2 piece and 3 piece connectors feature separate crimp-pins, making your connection even better. Nickel-plated brass connectors form ideal bonds for a solid copper or copper-clad steel cable, interference and signal are reduced with the delrin insulator, and with a RG6 cables, our BNC series crimp on will allow for a snug fit and connection. All these combined in our various connectors provides you with flawless video signal.

Need something for your high end video applications? Look at our RG6 BNC plug crimp on connector. These connectors are gold plated and suitable for your commercial grade applications. We also carry the BNC series to adapt to your Plenum RG59/62, RG58A/U cables, and the female pieces compatible with the RG58, RG58 cables. Looking to just extend the length of your cables? Our female to female panel mount adapter does just that!

Shop our selection of BNC series, for crimp on, twist on, and solder on connectors here at TriangleCables.com.