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A Cat6 Inline Coupler Can Help Your Network Grow

A Cat6 Inline Coupler Can Help Your Network Grow

If you need to expand the reach of your home or business network a Cat6 inline coupler can help. An inline coupler is an inexpensive way to connect multiple Category 6 network cables together. These couplers are perfect for increasing cable length without losing signal quality or performance. This allows you to run network lines farther to accommodate your growing home or business network.

Adding a Cat6 inline coupler to your network is as easy as plugging in a network cable. A coupler is essentially a small plastic interconnect with two female plugs that are each designed to fit a standard RJ45 Ethernet plug. Simply plug two cables into a single coupler and you have effectively extended your Cat6 network cable.

When using a choosing a coupler it is important to note the type of network cable you have. Category 5 network cable should use a Cat5 inline coupler and category 6 cable should use a Cat6 inline coupler, in order to maintain the best connection quality. While using a Cat5 coupler on Cat6 cables may physically work, it creates a weak point in your network where unwanted line noise can be introduced. This effectively saps connection speed by adding a background static to your signal transfer.

Introducing a Cat6 inline coupler is a great way to connect devices like internet televisions, game consoles, network audio devices, or wireless modems, that may otherwise be too far away to reach with a single category 6 cable. It's easy to reach distant areas of your home or business by adding an extension cable into your network line.

While some people may think it's easier to connect devices like internet televisions to a wireless router, the reality is wireless signals are subject to a higher degree of signal interference. For networked items that will not be moved, like a television or desk top computer, you will always have greater performance and connection speed using a wired connection with Cat6 cables.

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