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Cat5e Cat 6 Couplers Regular & Crossover

Cat5e Cat 6 Couplers Regular & Crossover

Our couplers, crossovers and adapters will provide a crisp, clear connection for all of your Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables. From our standard couplers to our enhanced models, there’s a solution for all of your business needs. Our enhanced Cat 5 e coupler is enhanced with shielding to give the best connection for your enhanced data communications.

Our selection of Cat 5 and Cat 6 couplers includes all the types of connections that you may need for your cables, with female to female, male to male, and male to female, female to male connections. When you need to split a jack into two separate connections, our cat 5 and cat 6 couplers and adapters will give you two jacks for the one connection! For additional length, Cat 5 E couplers will allow you to extend the reach of your cables by joining two. Want to eliminate the need completely for a crossover cable? We also offer crossover couplers and adapters to easily connect cables for networking purposes.

The cables and couplers at TriangleCables.com are not only reliable; they’re also affordably priced, making all of your shopping decisions easy. Browse our entire selection of cat 6 and cat 5E couplers, adapters and crossover couplers for all of your networking and cable needs.