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Be the Hero of Game Night with a Cat5e Ethernet Cable

It's Friday night. You just got out of work and the only thing you want to do to kick off the weekend is to make it to game night. The thought of playing your favorite video games with your best group of friends is already making the work week disappear. You're excited to see all your friends because it has been a while since the whole group has been able to get together. You arrive at your gaming destination with all of your gear in tow only to find that you aren't able to play because you are missing one key piece of equipment: A Cat5e Ethernet Cable.

Why is a Cat5e Ethernet Cable important for gaming?

A Cat5e Ethernet cable is the cable used to connect computers, printers, modems, and routers in computer networks. These cables allow all of these devices to talk to one another and transmit data. Without these cables you will not be able to access the internet, or maintain your network.

In terms of gaming, a Cat5e Ethernet Cable is what you need to link gaming systems together to form a Local Area Network, or LAN. An LAN does not require you to have Internet access, but you do need a network in order for everyone to play. Most gaming systems only allow for two players per television screen. If you have eight people who want to play, that means you need four gaming systems and four TVs. You're also going to need a router and four Cat5e Ethernet cables. The cables will connect the system to the router, and the router will process all of the data, which means you can all play in the same game!

Be the Hero of Game Night

You know that you and your buddies have game nights on a regular basis. So why don't you keep yourself prepared in case you ever need an extra cable, or in case one becomes damaged? It would be a shame if you couldn't have an enjoyable night of gaming because of missing one little cord. At TriangleCables.com, we have a Cat5e Ethernet cable for any situation. So make sure to pick up one of these cables, so that you can be the hero and save game night!