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Cat5e Patch Cable: Reach Any Length

So let's say that you are trying to organize a computer network at your home or place of work. You are going to need a lot of equipment to pull this off. You'll need computers, monitors, keyboards, computer mice, printers, and routers. Was something forgotten? How about a Cat5e patch cable? This type of computer cable just may be the most important part of your network.

What is a Cat5e Patch Cable?

A Cat5e Patch Cable is an Ethernet cable that allows all of the computers on your network to transmit data to one another. Depending on the actual make of your equipment, you can use these cables to link up computers with routers, routers with modems, routers with other routers, and computers to printers. Right now, these cables are your best bet in terms of connecting all of your computers and equipment to your network.

Reach Any Length With a Cat5e Patch Cable

The beauty about selecting a Cat5e Patch Cable from TriangleCables.com is that you can find a cable of just about any length. Let’s say that you are trying to connect one specific computer to a router. The computer is only four inches away from the router, but without a connection, you can't access the Internet. You run to a computer store and find that they only have cables that are six feet long. They cost a lot more money than you’re willing to spend, plus, they’re a pain when it comes to installation as you have to keep the excess cord organized. At TriangleCables.com, you can find a cable that is only a foot in length. With a one foot cable, you can easily make your connection, save some money, and not have excess cord lying around!

Likewise, if you have a router in your basement, but you'd like to play your favorite video games on the 52 inch LCD HD TV up in the second floor family room, you’re going to need a long cable. Again, your local store might only sell a six foot cable. This isn't going to help you at all. Instead, you can come to our site, where you’d find that our longest Cat5e Patch Cable is two hundred feet in length! No matter where you need to set up your network, TriangleCables.com has the Cat5e patch able you need to make it happen.

If you want to make setting up your network as easy as possible, make sure to stop at TriangleCables.com in order to find a large supply of cables that can help you reach any length requirements that you may encounter.