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Get Improved Connectivity With Cat 6 Cables

What Are Cat6 Cables?

Category 6 cables, also known as Cat6 cables, are the new cable standard for gigabit Ethernet and other similar network protocols, as defined by the Electronic Industries Association and Telecommunications Industry Association. Using more stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise, Cat6 cables are ideal for improving connectivity, especially with its performance of up to 250 MHz and compatibility with the following:

  • 10BASE-T
  • 100BASE-TX
  • 1000BASE-T
  • Category 5/53 and Category 3 cable standards

In addition, a Cat6 cable offers higher performance for better transmission of data at speeds up to 1000 Mbps – twice that of the Cat5e cable, another popular standby.

When it comes to construction, Cat6 cables come in two varieties: solid and stranded. Solid Cat6 cables support longer runs and work best in fixed wiring configurations like office buildings. Stranded cables on the other hand, are much more pliable and better suited for shorter-distance, movable cabling issues, such as patching.

Great for keeping you connected to your campus network in the dorms, your work computer connected at the office, or your guests connected at your inn or hotel, these cable solutions are the ideal choice for connecting users to your network easily and efficiently, not to mention, these cables are ready to take your connectivity into the future by providing you with the new industry standard for Ethernet.

If you're looking for a faster, future proof cable, look no further than Cat6.

Where Can I Find Cat6 Cables?

TriangleCables.com is your source for the latest connectivity tools on the net. With our wide selection of Cat6 Cables in varying lengths, colors, and sizes, you can be sure to find the perfect one to fit your needs, especially if you're looking to buy in bulk. With low prices and fabulous service, it's no wonder that more people are choosing TriangleCables.com to support their connectivity with Cat6 cables that are built to perform better, faster, and easier than ever.