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Cat5e Crossover Ethernet Patch Cables

Cat5e Crossover Ethernet Patch CablesNeed to connect your PC to another PC without a router? Want to connect multiple routers in a large network? Let TriangleCables.com help. With LAN data rates of 350 MHZ, you can be sure that our Cat5e patch cables and crossover cables can handle high-speed applications, such as gaming, multimedia, video, and sharing large files across the network. Finally: no more lagging load times.

Want to use XBOX Ethernet cable for an awesome multiplayer gaming experience? Our selection of Cat5e patch crossover cable lets you network two XBOX consoles without a switch, hub or router for multiplayer gaming. Simply connect the XBOX gaming systems together using one of our XBOX Ethernet cables and then follow the game’s normal instructions for multiplayer mode. It’s that easy. Plus, this XBOX Ethernet cable networking method works with both XBOX and XBOX 360 gaming systems so that you can enjoy the next level of gaming. Just make sure you use a Cat5e cable (Cat 6 cables won’t work).

Snagless boots ensure easy installation and upkeep, plus, these shielded Cat5e Ethernet patch crossover cables offer superior durability with a tough PVC jacket construction that’s great for using in a ton of different environments. There’s also the great performance, so you never get caught with lagging data speeds while you game or work across your network. No matter how you choose to use your network, know that TriangleCables.com is here to support it with a great selection of high performing XBOX Ethernet cables and Cat5e patch cable.

Shop our selection today to save on Ethernet cable for your home or office. Our selection offers crossover XBOX Ethernet cables and Cat5e patch cables in a variety of lengths and colors, so it’s easy for you to find the one that’s right for you. Shop our bulk or wholesale selection to equip an entire office or just buy one or two cords for using at home. Either way, our Cat5e patch and crossover cables can keep you connected!