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Cat6 Crossover Ethernet Patch Cables

Cat6 Crossover Ethernet Patch CablesDid you know that Cat6 patch cable can perform more than just superior computer networking without the use of routers or hubs? With fast data transfer speeds and support for gigabit networks, the Cat6 patch cable from TriangleCables.com is built to perform in a variety of environments, whether itís within a school, office building, or training center.

Looking for the right cable for use in XBOX multiplayer gaming? Our Ethernet cables are great for using in the home to enhance your XBOX gaming experience Ė but you have to make sure that you have the right one.

Able to be used with XBOX and XBOX 360 gaming systems, our Cat5 crossover cable makes for the perfect XBOX Ethernet cable as it enables multiplayer gaming without additional hassle. Just use this XBOX Ethernet cable to connect two XBOX gaming systems without a router and then follow the gameís normal instructions for multiplayer. Thatís it. Itís simple, fast, easy, and ideal for people who play a lot of multiplayer XBOX games. With this Cat5 crossover cable, you can access multiplayer gaming at a whole new level. Remember, Cat6 patch cable wonít always work as an XBOX Ethernet cable.

However, it can be used easily and effectively to perform peer to peer networking by providing a PC to PC connection without a hub.

At TriangleCables.com, our Cat6 patch cable is built to last. Made with a tough PVC jacket for extra protection and designed to operate without compromise, these Ethernet cables can last longer than the competition. Special strain relief in the design prevents the cable from being bent and strained at sharp angles, which means you can trust that this cable will last longer and work better than other Ethernet cables. Plus, itís designed to bend and flex without stressing the inner conductors, which makes it ideal for those everyday PC to wall plate installations in a business or home network.

No matter where you choose to use our Cat6 patch cable, know that itís there to make your life a whole lot easier. Network with ease when you shop the selection of Cat6 patch cable at TriangleCables.com. Choose from a variety of lengths to find the one that works best for you.