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CD Rom adapter cables

CD Rom adapter cables

Do you need a dual connection for CD ROM drive? When you use a recordable CD ROM drive, our internal splitter CD ROM adapter cables are ideal to process stereo sounds separately. The superior build provides protection from short circuitry and faulty connections. We also carry 2 to 3 universal CD ROM adapter cables at lengths to allow for a comfortable set up and reach.

Need a longer reach for your CD ROM set up? Many of our adapters, including the 24 inch universal CD ROM adapter give that extra length that’s hard to find – and hard to do without. You’ll be blasting the sound with our sound blaster CD ROM adapter cables, compatible with typical audio barns like Sony, Panasonic, and Mitsumi.

Shop the selection of CD ROM adapter cables to suit your needs. When shopping for longer cables, split audio or just better connections, choose TriangleCables.com for all your computer cable needs.