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Adapters Component RCA

Adapters Component RCA

Our RCA adapters are just the thing to fit and set your component connections. Looking to split, adapt, or prolong your RCA connections? These types of issues are common, easily remedied with the right RCA adapter cables. Our video splitter adapters are made with top materials for protective shielding from interference as well as wear and tear.

To split your RCA connection, try our video splitter adapter cables. These cables are ideal for a DVD player, cable box, satellite or any device with RCA jacks. Then split your signal between two output monitors, such as a television or projector. Component splitter adapter cables make your job easier by simply and securely splitting the signal in two, rather than requiring multiple devices running.

Need additional length for your RCA cables? One of our RCA adapters will allow you to connect two RGB RCA cables for the reach that you require. These adapters conveniently use only red, blue, and green.

Our RCA adapter cables are fully molded, giving you the right fit every time. Shop our selection of RCA video splitter adapter and adapter cable extensions today!