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Component Video Cables For Better Video

Component video is a video signal that has been split into two or more components. In most uses, this type of technology refers to a type of analog video information that has been transmitted and stored in three separate signals or RCA plugs. This is done mostly to reduce the chance of interference and maintain signal clarity. While this cable may not carry audio information, it does however support superior visual quality between your DVD player, VHS player, computer, video game consoles, and television. To outfit your living room, gaming area, or home entertainment center with the right cables for connectivity, let TriangleCables.com offer this great selection of Component Video Cables, perfect for your electronic devices. Just take a look at these two favorites:

3 ft. Component Video Cable
Built for male to male connectivity, this component video cable from TriangleCables.com is great for hooking up your high resolution monitors, televisions, data projectors, or other home theatre devices. These component cables feature three shielded 75-ohm coaxial lines and molded RCA connectors for superior composition as well as gold plated pins for excellent electrical contact and corrosion prevention. In addition, they offer support for high-bandwidth performance need by most new video displays, making it an essential for your home.

3 ft. Component Video Cable with Toslink Digital Audio
When you need an all around solution for your home entertainment center, look no further than this fantastic cable from TriangleCables.com. This component video cable offers a superior method of interconnecting your DVD players, TV, monitors, and other devices by using a unique and durable three cable design. In addition, this particular cable also features Toslink digital audio capabilities for both excellent visuals and sound. Connects with male to male capabilities and is made from durable, corrosion resistant materials for longevity.