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Find The Best Composite Video Cable And Accessories

Home entertainment should never be compromised, especially in the face of new technology. If you're looking for the best in component and composite video cabling and accessories, there's only one place to turn: TriangleCables.com. We offer one of the net's largest selection of audio and video cables, perfect for installing, updating, and completing your home entertainment system. Just take a look at some of our top composite video cables and accessories and you'll see why so many choose to make TriangleCables.com part of their entertainment experience.

Component Video Cable
Outfitted with Toslink Digital Audio, this unique cable showcases traditional RCA only with an audio upgrade. Delivering all of the same features of an RCA, including Composite Video Cable, this component system enables you to connect your DVD players, high resolution TV, monitor, HDTV, data projector, plasma display, digital TV, or set top boxes with superior ease and performance. This cable from TriangleCables.com is the perfect fit for any home entertainment center – especially if you're looking for a great value that showcases even better quality.

RCA Composite Video Wallplate Extender Kit
This Cat 5e wall plate extender kit allows for your RCA composite video and stereo audio stretch up to 300 ft. An ideal fit for businesses, training centers, or schools, this type of extender offers the distance you need to transmit your data without interference or loss of quality. Not to mention, it's easy to install and use and includes everything you need to make it work seamlessly.

USB Video Grabber
This pocket-sized USB device allows for you to capture video from your analog camcorder, DVD player or video game player using a unique design that's compatible with both composite video and S-video devices. Plus, it supports 30 frames per second at resolutions that keep your picture crystal clear. Great for sharing movies and clips!

VGA Converter
Able to convert VGA into TV composite video or S-video signal, this unique device allows for you to display professional slide presentations, web sites, games, movies, or other PC functions on your TV. Using a unique plug and play interface without additional software, this composite video cable accessory is the perfect fit for your home or business.