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Couplers, Adapters, Line Splitter and Mounting Plates

Couplers, Adapters, Line Splitter and Mounting PlatesDo you want to split your telephone signal? You can find the telephone accessories you need to adapt your phone line connections at TriangleCables.com. We have the telephone splitters, adapters, and telephone TV wall mount plates that are needed to improve your telephone connection. If you need televisions, gaming systems or even just multiple phones attached to your phone line, you’ll find the quality cables you need here.

Office telephone systems can be powerful and orderly – no messy cable lengths. You can organize and split the signals to multiple phones in a large office building with the right system. Neatly hook up two jacks into one line with a dual telephone surface mount so you have two phones picking up on the same line.

Boost your home connections with telephone splitters that allow for multiple devices to work on one telephone line. Whether you need just a simple two line split or a more expansive set up with an up to five outlet adapter telephone splitter, find the connection adapters and splitters you need here. Our five outlet adapter will give you the extra reach from your main line to your home entertainment center with the reach of a 7 foot cord.

Find just the high quality telephone TV wall mount plates for your standard connection. Our telephone tv wall mount plates are flush mounted for a seamless installation and are suited for any gold plated contact or DSS installations with a high impact ABS plastic finish for the toughest walls. We promise you’re getting just the best telephone connection with the telephone accessories from TriangleCables.com.

Want to keep your cords from twisting up around you like a bad movie? Check out our telephone accessories like the telephone handset twist stop cord untangler to keep your cord from wrapping around itself as you talk on the phone. The intelligent design keeps the telephone cord spinning, so your cable stays kink free.

Find only brand new telephone accessories here at TriangleCables.com. Order new telephone splitters and adapters for your home or office with ease, knowing you have the guarantee of a lifetime warranty on all of our cables.