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DVI Amplifiers Switches Extenders

DVI Amplifiers Switches Extenders

Whether you need to split a signal or extend your high definition signal, the DVI amplifiers and more from TriangleCables.com will more than do the trick

Are you looking to improve the set up of your video display in a training facility, conference hall or classroom? Our digital video sharing selector switch allows you to present two computer devices on one screen, making your ability to expand and present at an even higher caliber than before. Monitors and PC’s using DVI input and outputs are all that’s needed for these DVI switches. We also carry digital video sharing selector switch devices that use PanelLink digital technology to boost and extend your video signal. You’ll also find DVI extenders to amplify your signal. If you need one or even four ports for a full media rich presentation, we have those DVI amplifiers as well. Operating at distances up to 100 ft, our amplifiers are DVI 1.0 compliant, support a resolution up to 1080i, and are HDCP compliant. With distances such as this, you can place your PC, DVD player or media player where you want it, with your monitor exactly where it needs to be.

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