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Ethernet Cable: The Better Connection for Routers

Internet connections are one of the most essential connections to have in a home or office. Many people think first of their phone lines, cable programming, or satellite TV when valuing what’s most important to them. If any one of these went down, where would you turn? To the internet of course! There, all your problems are solved, so make sure that you have the best hook ups possible using quality Ethernet cables! When you use superior Ethernet cables you’ll have the best connections and better reach.

More Cables, More Connections!

For a non-wireless household, Ethernet cables provide the reach and connection that is needed. Many people don’t realize that the number of cables that can hook into the router – forgetting that most routers have anywhere from 4 to 8 ports in the back for Ethernet cables to hook into. These ports are here for a reason, any of your internet ready devices can be hooked into your secure network over the router, such as a gaming system upstairs or TV box down in the basement.

Easier Reach

There’s no abundance of cabling, and so many options in length to choose from the selection of cables here at TriangleCables.com. When you want to sit comfortably working in your own office space, and allow the rest of the family access to the internet in other rooms of the house, Ethernet cables will provide the reach you need. So how do you find the ideal range?

Here’s three simple steps to figuring out what length of cable you need:

· First, figure out where you need Ethernet connections. Identify where all the computers, printers, access point routers, gaming devices, etc. are located in the house.

· Second, measure out the distance of each device from your router. Add an additional foot or two to allow for slack and adjustment.

· Third, determine whether you need cables to discreetly match the décor, or cables that stand out. You can get cables that match your wallpapering and paneling, so you don’t have to go into the walls to hide the Ethernet cables for inconspicuous Ethernet connections. Some people also choose our brightly colored cables to make it easier to find, for a temporary Ethernet connection.

Why not take advantage with the development of routers, wireless devices, and so many other great advances – there’s more security, better connections, and faster speeds to be had when you use Ethernet cables. Find the solution to all of your Ethernet cable needs with the networking cables selection here at TriangleCables.com.