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Get the Most with Ethernet Cable Testers

Get the Most with Ethernet Cable Testers

Your connections are important to making sure your business runs smoothly and effortlessly. The key to every great operation is not where you think it is – rather it’s in your Ethernet connections. Just imagine a day with a bad, or worse down, Ethernet connection. You can’t take online orders, communicate with suppliers, field customer service questions, update your hours, or update your business page on Facebook. If you want to

Do I want a closed circuit? Yes, a closed circuit means that your Ethernet cable current is moving through the wires without any trouble. If there are bad connections, an Ethernet cable tester will let you know if there is such an issue with your Ethernet cables.

How does an Ethernet cable tester work? Ethernet cable testers of different varieties will test in different ways, some gauging the wire, others generate signals to see if there is interference, and others will go so far as to tell you where the break is. Typically though, you will only be able to identify that a problem in the wiring exists. A standard tester will also tell you if there are miss-wire cabling faults, open or short cable, or continuity errors. You may also not be able to detect the problem if it is happening intermittently or in short bursts.

Some things to troubleshoot for:

  • Is there a great amount of interference nearby causing issues?
  • Is the cable too long to work properly?

Things to remember when using your tester:

  • Make sure you have fitted it properly so you know that there is a strong connection.
  • Use an Ethernet tester that has a remote unit if it’s after the installation.
  • Choose the correct cable tester for the cables you’re using.
  • Know if your tester can be used on live wires for live testing.

When do I need to use a cable tester? Most commonly a cable tester will be used on Cat5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 network cables. If you’re just one man working the I.T. department for a whole office, you want the best Ethernet cable tester that you can afford. Shop the complete selection of cable testers here at TriangleCables.com for affordable Ethernet cable testers.