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PowerDoes your office need increased functionality? You can improve your current workplace tech and electronics situation with the external power extenders from TriangleCables.com. Our universal power cords are professional grade, making them ideal for the heavy duty needs of the office or even the media performance needed in the home office and entertainment center.

Need to clean up the cord clutter? TriangleCables.com has durable, flexible external power extenders to clean up messes and tangle you get with multiple electronics all plugged into close quarters. With a 10 inch equipment external power extender to increase the outlet reach of an individual outlet, you can keep contact to a minimum with your Ethernet cables. Many data center setups use the power extenders between a PDU and computer in a data rack or cabinet.

TriangleCables.com has high quality AC power cords for high tech needs like computer monitors, laptops and gaming systems. Donít stress your power cable and equipment reach, stretching power cables to reach outlets and accessories will cause tense or stressed cables. For a flawless entertainment setup, get the cords with the size and length you need to make sound, video and electronics work perfectly together.

Our conductor equipment external power extender works perfectly as a replacement part for computer systems, gaming systems and other portable devices. Easily find replacement universal power cords for SEGA, SONY or Playstation gaming systems that have worn down or need additional reach. These high volt power cables will work with most computers, printers and electrical accessories to bring power from the device to an AC wall outlet conductor. Our universal power cords are compatible with top of the line TVís like Vizio and Sony Bravia.

Looking for a replacement cord for part of your home theatre? An entertainment center is only as powerful as its weakest link. Make sure you have every cable and extension cord you need by replacing old worn out cords with new quality cables. Our AC power cords are perfect replacements for your plasma and LCD TVís. The only difference between our AC power cord and the ones that come in the package and the original is that ours brings more reach.

Shop the selection of external power extenders, AC power cords and other universal power cords here at TriangleCables.com.