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Extend your Digital Reach with a 20 ft USB Cable

Extend your Digital Reach with a 20 ft USB Cable

As the world becomes more digitally connected we're finding ourselves with a greater number of devices that require a computer interface. USB has been the prevailing connection for digital devices since its invention in the mid-1990s. The most common issue people run into when using USB devices is where to place them. Often the most convenient location for a device such as a printer or a digital audio accessory is not right next to the computer. That's why we offer up to 20ft USB cables for connecting your devices.

Our USB cables are made to accommodate a variety of plug interfaces. Whether you need to plug in a smart phone, digital camera, printer, scanner, or any other device that connects to a computer or wall plug via a USB connection, our cables can extend your reach. In most cases a longer cable is an inexpensive way to increase your operating range without investing in wireless devices or infrastructure.

A 20 foot USB cable is a difficult to find length, especially at the quality we offer. Our USB cables are custom made in house with gold end connectors, dual ferrite beads, and heavier gauge wire. The ferrite beads shield the cable from electromagnetic interference by suppressing high frequency line noise. The gold connectors and heavy wire gauge ensure greater signal transfer. These features help your signal travel easily through the entire 20 ft USB cable length without a loss in quality or connection.

Our cables are engineered to exceed the 5 meter USB 2.0 cable length recommendations. By using higher quality materials and shielding our cables, we offer a superior product. Don't be fooled by low quality imitation cables, our 20 ft USB cables are high quality interconnects that are built for demanding data application.

Never let your USB cable be the reason you have to place a digital device in an inconvenient location. Grant yourself the freedom of keeping your devices where you need them most. TriangleCables.com can keep you connected and improve your home or business working environment. Shop TriangleCables.com today for a full line of cables connectors and accessories.