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F Series Type Connectors and Adapters

F Series Type Connectors and Adapters

For video, telephony and data needs, your F series type connectors will provide clear consistent signals for all types of situations. Here at TriangleCables.com, we provide male to male female to female adapters as well as for your full spectrum of coaxial cables including F-81, RG-6, RG-59, RG-6 type connections.

Why use F series type connectors? When you need to have a quick and easy coaxial connection that can be undone with ease, the F series type connectors will make it easy to set up your system and take it down. No tools, twisting or screws are needed for a secure hold with our quick barrels and adapters.

For all of your more particular F series type needs, we have special angle F series type adapters and connectors, such as our right angles connectors and 90 degree adapters. You’ll also find F type barrel connectors such as for mono type connectors, RCA video connectors, and BNC cables for all of your other needs. Features like nickel plated brass, provide a superior connection by being corrosion resistant as well!

Our F series type connectors satisfy the needs of many coaxial networks, such as video and data transfers, as well as telephony. Even our commercial grade F series type adapters have an impedance range of 75 Ohms and frequency range of 5-900 Mhz. For all of your coaxial cable connections, shop our selection of F type barrels and connectors.