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Find the Best High Quality Null Modem Adapter for your Needs

Find the Best High Quality Null Modem Adapter for your Needs

Though not often used in the majority of residential applications, a null modem adapter is still a useful piece of equipment for computer specialists. These adapters are now more difficult to find, and they are often without the sturdy designs of the past. If you need to facilitate data transfer along RS-232 serial cables, you should learn about the many applications for the still functional and effective null modem adapter. Choose the right null modem adapter from the quality selection here at TriangleCables.com.

Serial cable adapters come in two basic types. The DB9 is available as a male to female adapter with full size locking pins. Mini-adapters are best for tight spaces where low-profile connections are important, and they are available as male to male and female to female adapters. You can change a standard data cable into a null cable with the use of db25 male to female null modem adapter.

Null connections are still a powerful option, and many businesses work hard to maintain their null networks. Where stepping up to Ethernet capabilities is affordable for personal computing, these businesses often have hundreds of thousands of dollars or more of equipment that is connected via null cable. Upgrading one piece of equipment at a time is not a possibility, and it is cost-prohibitive to replace all equipment at once. Computer specialists in these environments routinely make use of null connections.

The speed and efficiency of null serial connections is still preferred for many specialist applications. They serve a primary function in the process of firmware updating and debugging. They are also extremely reliable for establishing a steady computer network connection. Generally, the null modem adapter is most useful in situations where a momentary lapse in the network could cause serious damage or otherwise prevent task completion.

Finding Quality Adapters
Since becoming less prevalent in the personal computer market, null connectors have become more difficult to find and often of lower quality than in the past. You have a few options for finding a high-quality adapter. Anyone who builds computer equipment can build an adapter for your specifications. You can find several types of null modem adapter here at TriangleCables.com.