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Firewire Passive Gender Changers

Firewire Passive Gender Changers

Tired of slow speeds and connections? FireWire cables are a great solution to many data streaming applications, which makes Firewire passive gender changers a real game changer for many businesses.

While the 6 pin Firewire connector will transfer DC power, the 4 pin only transfers data. Because of this, many of these devices may not typically work together, but because of a shared data function are in fact compatible. The Firewire gender changers allow you to connect your 4 pin and 6 pin devices, such as cameras, hard drives, and other computer uses. When you need a simple 6 pin to 6 pin connection between identical genders, our Firewire passive gender changers establish a connection between these two connections. For example, a 6 pin male to male gender changer will connect two female 6 pin connectors.

Data transfer speeds between compatible devices with the help of Firewire passive gender changers. Our Firewire passive gender changers work with your IEEE-1394 devices. This means both our Firewire adapters work with both PC devices and without them. Shop FireWire gender changers here at TriangleCables.com for reliable service every time.