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FireWire 800 IEEE: Faster Transfer Rates

Do you do a lot of work with computers that involves data transfer? Do you like to film and edit movies? Once you have your film projects looking good, do you like to burn them with an external DVD burner? Do you have a lot of projects you need to keep on your computer, so you use an external hard drive? There can be countless instances during the course of your day where you find yourself transferring data from your computer to an external device. What type of cable do you use to transfer that data? If you aren't already, we suggest using a FireWire 800 IEEE.

What is a FireWire 800 IEEE?

The FireWire 800 IEEE is the next step in terms of high speed data transfer. The IEEE portion of the name stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The IEEE is a non-profit organization responsible for the advancement of technology as it relates to electricity.

This FireWire is a step up from the earlier 400 model. The FireWire 400 model was able to transfer data at 400 Mbits/second. The FireWire 800 IEEE can double that speed with its unique 9 pin construction. This means that all of those specific instances where you transfer data will now happen a lot faster. This is very important to you if you spend a large portion of your day uploading files to your computer.

Additional Benefits of a FireWire 800 IEEE

There are additional benefits to the FireWire 800 IEEE. An example of a benefit is that it allows you to dramatically increase the distance between computer and storage device. Before, the length of the cable actually slowed down or prevented data transmission. Now, you can have up to 15 feet of length between your electronic devices, which gives you a lot more freedom in terms of setting up your office. So if you want to experience faster data transfer rates, make sure you visit TriangleCables.com for all of your FireWire needs!