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Gender Changers D-Sub PS/2

Gender Changers D-Sub PS/2

Need to bring compatibility to your computers, videos or monitors? Here at TriangleCables.com we pride ourselves on offering the most reliable cables and our gender changers are not different. We provide a variety of gender changers D sub for different types, such as DB 25, DB 15, DB 9, as well as PS/2 gender changers.

In our gender changers D sub collection you’ll find compatible adapters for many different types of devices, including computers, printers, projectors and more. For instance, our female to female gender changers D sub can be used to connect a two of your male DB 25 cables. A PS/2 gender changer is a simple solution to converting your current keyboard or mouse connections as well. When looking to improve the office with new tech or even extend the reach, a mini DIN gender changer will help!

From video computer gender changers to mouse connections, our gender changers D sub and PS/2 couplers will more than do the trick. Check out TriangleCables.com for all of your couplers, cables, and gender changers for the office and home.